I recently read a tweet from @WisdomMoon that said

What if we lived each moment of each day like God really is all-powerful?

This question brought to mind the many times I have personally been in a worship service where I may have not been all there. I am sure I am not the only one who has gone through these dry spells in our worshipful living. I have to admit that in these moments I simply forget who God is. I openly admit that I realize there is something missing in my relationship with God and that is all of me.

Many times we live a backwards life of worship. It’s an outside-in christianity versus an inside out. We go through the motions, we say the right things, read our bible superficially, and offer a routine praise in hopes that somehow what we are doing outwardly will somehow filter inside of us. I do not doubt that with time it could be possible that this outward worship lifestyle could have some impact on the inside but it will not be long-lasting.  Because, as before mentioned, the change on the inside is filtered. We have placed so many obstacles for God to work and move in us that we settled for feeling a little tingle during worship services. Our worship is nothing but mediocre at best.

What if we lived every day of our lives as if God were all-powerful? This is inside-out worshipful living. I seek him with in me before I read his word, before I sing a song, before I step out of my home and I stay in that place with him at all times and everywhere I go. When this happens there is no room for doubt. You walk and act in faith, even in the hardest of times. You place God in all you say and do and the world will see God through you. You preach without using words.

So what is the formula for this intimacy with God? It takes Effort. You know how they say a little bit goes a long way well that doesn’t apply here. You have to put in a lot of effort to making time to connect with God through prayer and his word. With that comes Commitment. You must be committed to further develop your relationship with God. Lastly passion will drive your efforts and support your commitment.

Are ready to step into a new season in your walk with God? He is ready to receive you. Be blessed!


33 And Counting

Its my 33rd birthday and i am dedicating this blog to this event. I have never been the type to.really celebrate my birthday. In fact 3 years ago I forgot my actual age and, when asked, I would say I was 28. So what is the big deal about this birthday? In a nutshell it’s all about Jesus.

My wife asked me the same question a couple of weeks ago and I had a hard time explaining the reason to her because, for whatever reason, I thought it might sound silly, but I am over that. As I anticipated this birthday I continued to think about the crucifixion of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Many theologians believe that Jesus was crucified around the age of 33. There it is! To think that around this age he was crucified but beyond the crucifixion that he completed his mission to begin mine. I began asking myself what if that was me? What if this is the last of my days and know that soon I will be giving myself up to die? All these thoughts rattled my brain and then it hit me. Yes, He died so I might live but to live this life, in him,  I have to die to my previous life.

Here I am, reflecting on my last 33 years and along with the memories of things accomplished come the thoughts of those things that have yet to carry out. I think about Gods calling on my life since my mother’s womb. Before I was born and before my mother knew my sex God spoke to her in a dream and told her she was having a boy. He also selected my name and gave it to her in that same dream. When the time came to birth me out the doctors suggested she abort me because the chances of her dying during labor were really high. She was willing to sacrifice her life for mine and God saw her through the delivery. My life has had many ups and downs. In my walk with God I have made many poor decisions that kept me from fulfilling my purpose in Him and yet he hasn’t given up on me. You see, He died for all the negative decisions. He died for all my transgressions and there is nothing that I have done or could ever do that will surprise him. He has a plan and a purpose for all of us but there comes a point in our lives when we say I am willing to die to myself, my desires, my plans and let you live in and through me.

Its time to move on and move forward into what God has planned for me. Grab hold to him and all that he has declared for my life. I believe this is the year of the supernatural where God will be doing a dynamic move. I am 33 and counting.

– Isai Serrano / PSALMIST13

The Confident Worshiper

After almost a year of being a member of my worship team I had a break through of sorts in my worship. For many years I led worship at another church. It took me some time to adjust to this role being that I was a musician for so long before. I accepted Gods calling to be on this new platform but when the ministry closed its doors I began to question that call. For a long time my family and I felt like wanderers visiting different churches until the search ended. Now came the time to find my place back in ministry. After joining the worship ministry I was complacent taking a back seat and singing in the choir. Truth be told I still find it to be a comfort zone. Given the opportunity to lead, I was taken back and afraid that I was not good enough. I sort feared this larger audience and was intimidated by all the talent around me.  The church population is larger than the last and the quality of worship is at another level. I was and am being stretched, singing songs that I would not typically sing. God was working on me and my confidence.

A confident worshiper is one that understands his/ her calling from God. With that knowledge comes an identity.  I know who I am in Him and He has designed me and equipped me to worship like only I know how.  You can worship with confidence when its you behind the microphone and not an imitation of another worshipper. I am no BJ Putnam or Israel Houghton they have their anointing and calling. I won’t attempt to be that which God didn’t call me to be. It’s not going to work. You see God doesn’t just want you embrace your calling embrace the identity that comes with it. God doesn’t want a phony behind the microphone. He wants your voice, your style, and your worship and His anointing upon you to be manifested.  Worship with confidence today!


I remember the days when I would go to a “special” service at a church. Special meaning that what was planned was something out of the norm. In many cases this was a concert of sorts where singers and bands would share their original worship. Towards the end of every event there was the rush to the back of the church where tables would be lined up with, in those times, cassette tapes or presently CD’s. It was great! You heard something you liked and you got your hands on it right then and there. I am not too sure how effective it was because when I was in a band, doing that exact same thing, not many CD’s were sold. Now a days we have microwave christians. CD’s are not as instantly gratifying as they used to be. One Simple solution to this… QR, Quick Response, Codes!

QR Codes have been around for quite sometime now but the simple technology behind the QR Code has not been used to its full potential. It is a great tool for the modern worshiper looking to reach a more tech savvy generation of worshipers. Rather than handing a CD which they may play in the car or go home and then upload the songs to their “playlist” on their smart phones, you can have your songs in their hand-held device instantly. I have introduced QR codes to a good musician friend of mine and his jazz music. He has been using QR codes to the max. His music sales and promotions all connected to QR codes. So where ever he plays people can download his music as he is playing and follow him on various social networks.

If you have never experimented with QR codes I would suggest you download a QR reader or scanner for you smart phone. There are dozens of free QR readers that also give you the ability to generate a QR code. Once you have downloaded the QR reader go ahead and scan the QR code shown below.



This QR code will direct you to the “Sounds from the Basement” jazz album. As you can see you can customize the color so it can blend with your promotional materials. This does not mean that you should stop producing CD’s, not yet anyway. There is still a large community of worshipers that will buy CD’s.

I would love to hear about your experience with QR codes if in fact you are using them to enhance your sales or promotions. Reply to this post.

Well that is it for now, God Bless you and keep Moving Forward.