I recently read a tweet from @WisdomMoon that said

What if we lived each moment of each day like God really is all-powerful?

This question brought to mind the many times I have personally been in a worship service where I may have not been all there. I am sure I am not the only one who has gone through these dry spells in our worshipful living. I have to admit that in these moments I simply forget who God is. I openly admit that I realize there is something missing in my relationship with God and that is all of me.

Many times we live a backwards life of worship. It’s an outside-in christianity versus an inside out. We go through the motions, we say the right things, read our bible superficially, and offer a routine praise in hopes that somehow what we are doing outwardly will somehow filter inside of us. I do not doubt that with time it could be possible that this outward worship lifestyle could have some impact on the inside but it will not be long-lasting.  Because, as before mentioned, the change on the inside is filtered. We have placed so many obstacles for God to work and move in us that we settled for feeling a little tingle during worship services. Our worship is nothing but mediocre at best.

What if we lived every day of our lives as if God were all-powerful? This is inside-out worshipful living. I seek him with in me before I read his word, before I sing a song, before I step out of my home and I stay in that place with him at all times and everywhere I go. When this happens there is no room for doubt. You walk and act in faith, even in the hardest of times. You place God in all you say and do and the world will see God through you. You preach without using words.

So what is the formula for this intimacy with God? It takes Effort. You know how they say a little bit goes a long way well that doesn’t apply here. You have to put in a lot of effort to making time to connect with God through prayer and his word. With that comes Commitment. You must be committed to further develop your relationship with God. Lastly passion will drive your efforts and support your commitment.

Are ready to step into a new season in your walk with God? He is ready to receive you. Be blessed!



The Confident Worshiper

After almost a year of being a member of my worship team I had a break through of sorts in my worship. For many years I led worship at another church. It took me some time to adjust to this role being that I was a musician for so long before. I accepted Gods calling to be on this new platform but when the ministry closed its doors I began to question that call. For a long time my family and I felt like wanderers visiting different churches until the search ended. Now came the time to find my place back in ministry. After joining the worship ministry I was complacent taking a back seat and singing in the choir. Truth be told I still find it to be a comfort zone. Given the opportunity to lead, I was taken back and afraid that I was not good enough. I sort feared this larger audience and was intimidated by all the talent around me.  The church population is larger than the last and the quality of worship is at another level. I was and am being stretched, singing songs that I would not typically sing. God was working on me and my confidence.

A confident worshiper is one that understands his/ her calling from God. With that knowledge comes an identity.  I know who I am in Him and He has designed me and equipped me to worship like only I know how.  You can worship with confidence when its you behind the microphone and not an imitation of another worshipper. I am no BJ Putnam or Israel Houghton they have their anointing and calling. I won’t attempt to be that which God didn’t call me to be. It’s not going to work. You see God doesn’t just want you embrace your calling embrace the identity that comes with it. God doesn’t want a phony behind the microphone. He wants your voice, your style, and your worship and His anointing upon you to be manifested.  Worship with confidence today!

Listen and Follow

John 10:27

New International Version (NIV)

27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them,(A) and they follow me.(B)

Yesterday I stood home from work with my baby girls. I came across this verse as if for the first time. I was immediately convicted by its words. I pray and worship him but in my times of devotion do I take out time to listen? I think that the majority of the times I must enjoy the sound of my own voice. I praise and sing to him, I thank him and ask of him and that is it. We all know that relationships require communication. Communication is an exchange which requires giving and receiving or speaking and listening. Notice that Jesus pauses in his sentence to say ” I know them”. How could he not know us? He listens to every word good or bad. Funny thing is that he speaks to us at all times addressing the needs and partaking in every conversation. The problem is that too many times we never shut up enough to hear him speak. Like I said before, you could be praising his name day in and day out but even in praising him he responds to us. I recently read a fellow blogger say stop singing in church. He made reference to the fact that we sing words without really listening and understanding the depth of the words. It’s bold statement but if we are not taking time to listen to him ,even during praise and our personal worship, then we may be falling into a pattern of vain repetitions. There is a blessing awaiting you in your silence.

The other issue is that we are so often flooded with so many voices that its hard to distinguish His voice. During a worship seminar Kari Jobe mentioned those moments when you get a call from a good friend who you haven’t spoken too in a while. They say hello, you respond, and then they say ” You don’t know who this is?”. You don’t recognize someones voice over the phone if you haven’t listened to that voice in a long time. What do we do when God speaks and our spiritual ears are not tuned enough to recognize his voice? We simply miss out on what He wants to say and go roaming around the desert of our problems and situations like the Israelites in the journey to the promise land. Samuel as a young man heard the voice of God and did not recognize it but when he was made aware of the person behind the voice he heard then he knew how to respond. He yearns to speak to you so that you may know Him and His heart. Take some time after all you have to say then simply say ” Speak for your Servant is listening ” ( Samuel 3:9 ).