Mini Bio

  • Born and raised in the South Bronx, New York City, I grew up in an evangelical church (ECOG). There I learned and was developed into a musician and leader within the church. At the age of 16 I became a member of a musical ministry where for many years I experienced God through music and began developing my personal devotion through worship. I learned a lot about the technical and, above all, spiritual aspects of public praise and worship as it relates to ministering and ushering people into the presence of God through music and song.
  • I also enjoy writing songs and started writing at the age of 13. I have been inspired by many worshipers like Paul Balouche, Matt Redman, Israel Houghton, Rene Gonzalez, Marcos Witt, Jacobo Ramos, Ricardo Sanchez, Ricardo Santiago… just to name a few. I find freedom and intimacy in the process of song writing as it puts me in a place of seeking and listening to Gods Heart.
  • Levanto Mis Manos: Singer: Edgar J. Cruz Author: Isai Serrano. This song was written during a youth prayer service. Inspired by the lifting of hands and the declaration made in this act. My apologies to all the English speaking readers.
  • Why Psalmist 13? Psalms 13 is a psalm that inspires me with its bold expression to God. I admire how blunt David was with God and find that our worship songs now a days should not be afraid to say what many people are thinking and feeling while maintaining God as the center and answer of it all. I wish to do just that with my writing. I am always challenged to see God through my circumstances despite my weaknesses. I write what I am learning and trying to apply in my own life. Not perfect by any means but will share what ever God places in my heart in hopes that you may be blessed as I am being blessed.
  • Most importantly I am a father of three amazing children and husband to the the most supportive, loving, and real wife.  – You are the missing piece to my hearts puzzle. Te Amo!

Isai Serrano / Psalmist 13


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