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I was recently confronted with a challenge after hearing Yolanda Adams speak on her morning radio show on the topic of faith. Everything she and her colleagues said was on point but the one thing that stuck out to me the most was the very beginning of Hebrews 11: 1

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.
 (English Standard Bible)

The beginning of this passage is the most important part: NOW FAITH! Many believers know this verse by heart and recite it but have difficulty practicing it effectively because they overlooked these first two words. Besides the description of what Faith is, we are given a reference of time in this verse. The time is NOW. Faith is only active if you declare the things not seen Now. You must live and walk with the assurance that it is now done. I can praise God in times of trouble or tribulation by activating my “Now Faith” and walking in the guarantee that makes me say “Through God I have victory right now”. Too often we pray and say that we have Faith that God will do when “Now Faith” says that we have faith that God has done the deed. If we live our life with this God will do mentality then all we have is hope. There is nothing inherently wrong with hope. Hope is good but it has a different place in time in our walk. Looking back at the verse it indicates that Faith is the assurance of things hoped for. So the sequence states that hope comes before Faith. The problem with hope is that you still see the situation as is. You are walking with the burden, continuously looking at tribulations face to face while you wait, hoping, for God to remove the burden. However, with faith you can release the burden into His hands and walk with conviction and assurance

I had a small accident while roller skating at birthday party over the weekend. I broke my leg bones and had some surgery done. Turns out that I will not be able to walk for a month and will have to miss out on a lot of projects at work with my students and more importantly will have to leave some more burden on my wife to manage while I recuperate. All I could think of at first was all that is being affected and my not being able to lend a hand. This is my time to practice NOW FAITH. There is an encounter that God wants me to have with him and I am all in. I declare strength, stamina and endurance for my wife, excellence for children and my students, speedy  recovery and to find Gods Heart for me in this time. I believe this to be so and find my evidence in NOW FAITH. What a feeling of strength and joy this gives. Lets go beyond hope today and enter the joys of NOW FAITH. I pray Gods goodness and mercy upon you. Feel free to leave any comments or testimonies of your experience with NOW FAITH. Blessings



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