Rushing Into A blessing

I was rushing to work several weeks ago and in my mad dash I was wondering whether I would make it onto the ferry. My wife drops me off and I’m running off to the entrance of the ferry. At the same time a man on a motorized wheelchair is coming out of the exit, he made a sharp turn in all of a sudden he falls off is chair. Obviously I was not going to worry about getting to work on time any longer. I run up to the man and try to help him up realizing that he is unable to stand. Some good Samaritans come and help and I carefully begin to lift the wheelchair. One man says mockingly “I see this guy everyday he is always falling off”. I see the paralyzed mans face full of shame. I continue to pick him and tell him “Don’t worry we will get you moving in a minute” and continue to pick up the wheel chair up and he looks to me and say “God Bless You young man you didn’t have to help”.

Sometimes God wants you to slow down because he wants to use you. We need to be alert, ready and willing to be used by Him.




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