The Little Engine That Could

I am fortunate to be a part of a church body that, like many, has stepped up to the plate and helped meet the needs of many communities around New York and New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy. The Kingsbridge Armory in the borough of the Bronx in New York is one of the largest Armories in the nation. The task was to fill this armory and distribute goods to all the disaster areas in New York and New Jersey. There were many trucks full ready to be unloaded and only man power to do the task. It took hours to unload one truck and a special request came to my pastor for a forklift. One of the brothers in my church just so happened to have one in his possession but it was damaged. Long story short, the necessary parts were purchased and the forklift truck was fixed and shipped from New Jersey to the Bronx, New York. It made a huge difference in unloading and reloading and I am happy to say that with it we were able help distribute over 400 tons of food, water and supplies.

All this time this forklift stood in a shop with no hopes of ever being used. So much potential to do work yet untapped because of the deficiencies it contained but God knew its time would come. It was designed and separated for a bigger purpose and given the need one person looked past its damage and saw the potential and invested in bringing it back to working condition. I know we are talking of a machine or tool but how do you think Gods looks at us. Many of your peers may look at you as one with many defects. They see what you cannot accomplish because of the weaknesses but God sees beyond that. He looks at you and is able to see potential and purpose and is aligning your life for the right time to shine. Don’t let your weaknesses determine your future. Don’t look at others and predetermine their future rather invest in them and build them for the purposes God has intended for them. This little engine could, can you?


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