Faith in Action

Having lived through Hurricane Sandy its heartbreaking to look around my hometown of Staten Island and see the devastation that remains after the storm. Many people talk about how sorry they feel for all those people who have lost their homes and the ever growing number of lives lost in this outer borough of New York City. As believers we are called to put our faith into action. My wife and I decided to gather a number of clothes, shoes and blankets and take it down to the red cross station. Upon arrival we saw such a need for volunteers to help organize and categorize the donations of clothing and other supplies that we were compelled to stay and help. We were touched by the many stories of people who lost all their belongings. This one family my wife and had the blessing of helping came to the center looking for blankets and clothing. They walked in with only clothes that they had left. Having sat on their roof for 8 hours before being rescued after the storm, they said good bye to the home they had recently purchased one year ago. I am glad I was able to help not only in looking for clothing and supplies but giving them a word of encouragement. Its difficult, even as believers, to worship God in these hard times but worship, at heart, is as simple as serving your fellow brother or sister you do not know from a hole in the wall. In these times we need to put faith in action. All that we stand for and represent must be in the front lines and bridging the gap for those that lack or have lost complete faith. Even as time passes by and we rebuild all that has been torn down and damaged, don’t wait for another disaster to put your faith into action. I encourage you to practice this every moment you can. Be it bringing a bag of groceries to a family you know is in need or simply sparing a dollar from your pocket to someone less fortunate.

To all those that I had the pleasure of meeting today, I pray that God may bless you abundantly and that he may reveal himself as the provider I know him to be. God Bless you all.


2 thoughts on “Faith in Action

  1. Betty says:

    Just beautiful words reminding us that even when we feel alone or left out, we have Someone to help us stand and give us the strenghts to say even in the mist of a Storm we are standing!!

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